We pick fruit, 'apple-y'.
A cultivated deciduous tree in the rose family, native to Eurasia and having alternate simple leaves and white or pink flowers.
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Don't let this happen to an apple near you

Concrete Jungle has rescued over 90,000 lbs of fresh fruits and vegetables. We donate everything we harvest to local food banks and shelters.
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1 in 8 Georgians

Get their weekly groceries from food pantries and meal service programs.
--Feeding America National Report, 2014
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A Real Pick Me Up

Concrete Jungle promotes fun and intriguing ways to provide fresh produce to those who need it.
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From May to November, we’re picking fresh fruit around Atlanta and North Georgia. Sign up to join us on a pick! Learn more

Food Map of Atlanta

We’ve documented over 2,800 fruit trees of over 20 different varieties around Atlanta. Many of them are probably close to you! Take a look at our map and consider adopting a tree near you. Learn more

Putting down roots at Doghead Farm

For five years, we’ve been growing on a piece of abandoned land in Southwest Atlanta. Since then, we’ve harvested and donated over 10,000 pounds of food. Join us for farm days every other Saturday.

With Your Support

We have donated over 374,000 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to local food banks and shelters. Get involved by volunteering, adopting a tree or becoming a member!

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Ciderfest 15!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The air is sticky and sweet with apples clinging on the tree.

New fruit tree map!

We have a new fruit tree map! It’s at the same URL as the old one: https://www.concrete-jungle.org/food-map.

Concrete Jungle’s fruit tree sensors

One of the biggest challenges we face in running and growing Concrete Jungle is planning around the varying schedules of the thousands of fruit trees in the Atlanta area.