From May to November, we’re picking fresh fruit around Atlanta and North Georgia.

Where it all began! Concrete Jungle has been picking fruit since day one. Experience Atlanta’s urban bounty with us and help us deliver fresh produce to folks in need. We pick from both public and private fruit trees so you’ll get to explore new parts of the city and meet your neighbors. Our season begins in mid-May with serviceberries and mulberries, and from there we move on to plums, blackberries, apples, figs, pears, muscadines in the summer, and pomegranates and persimmons in the fall. Come discover the variety hidden in plain sight!

Or if you want to explore outside of the city with Concrete Jungle, join us on one of our Adventure Picks, where we head to an orchard or farm to glean (i.e. harvest once the farmers are done with their main crop). These picks are much larger in scale; we could be harvesting 20-100 trees and we need many more hands. We always conclude these picks with a fun adventure like swimming in a lake, hiking, or visiting a local brewery.

During high season, we have at least one event happening per week, so check out our calendar or sign up for our newsletter to stay posted on upcoming events.