Become the proud parent of one of Atlanta's finest fruit trees!

Help us keep up with Atlanta's urban orchard. All we need is an occasional photo of your adopted tree.

Here at Concrete Jungle, we love picking fruit and we love sharing that fun with you fine folks. But as we’ve grown, so has our database of fruit trees and we’re now closing in on 3,000 trees in the Atlanta area. We need your help keeping track of these trees as they ripen so that we can plan more picking events!

What's involved in adopting a tree?

Select a convenient tree on our Fruit Tree Map thats close to your home/work/gym/dog park/etc and send us an occasional photo of it as the fruit is ripening. We’ll send you email reminders through the course of the season to check in on you and your new fruit tree friend. Since fruit trees really only have fruit on them for about a month or two, you only need to parent your tree for that long.

Think of it like sending your child off to college: they’re off experiencing the world on their own and you only need to pop your head in occasionally to make sure they’re flourishing and still alive.

How do I get started?

  1. Open our Fruit Tree Map.
  2. Find a tree near you and click on it.
  3. Locate and click the “Become a Parent” button near the bottom, right part of the screen.