Map Screenshot
We have a new fruit tree map! It’s at the same URL as the old one: It was made by Karl Kim of Carl DiSalvo’s Public Design Workshop at Georgia Tech. If you are hiring programmers, you should hire Karl because he’s really pleasant to work with, he’s dedicated and he’s hard-working. And he’s got a freaking CS degree from Georgia Tech. What more do you need?

Anyways, our new map has a much-needed interface update. It now takes up the whole screen and has a dedicated sidebar for tree information, so you have plenty of room to see the map and tree information at the same time. You can also now search by address, latitude/longitude, or tree id.

The map also now has features for our Tree Parent program. Do you pass by a fruit tree in your neighborhood or on your way to work? Adopt the tree and send us an occasional photo of the tree during fruit season — you’ll be helping us tremendously by letting us know what’s up with the tree and when it’s ready to be picked. You can upload a photo of the tree and rate its pickability directly through the map.

Our new map has lots of behind the scenes features to help us get a handle on organizing our years of picking data. With almost 3000 trees in our database, it can be hard to plan events and keep track of what is ripe, so our new map brings all of our picking and donation data under one roof, and we now have scheduling features to help remind us when to check on certain trees. This is not as directly useful for non-CJ folks, but it helps us plan more events!

Upcoming Trees

This also means that you can now inspect our data on a really granular basis and see when we picked a tree, where we donated it to, when someone rated the tree or when someone uploaded a photo of the tree:

Pear Tree Graph

So check it out, find something tasty, let us know about any bugs, and send us your tree photos!