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No matter how you get involved, thank you for being a part of Concrete Jungle.

Concrete Jungle is a collection of fruit enthusiasts, farmers, tree climbers, all star volunteers and passionate supporters trying to make sure no apple (or any fruit for that matter) goes to waste.

And, we want to make sure folks who don’t have access to fresh produce get to experience the benefits of healthy, local, and delicious fruits and vegetables. But it takes many hands and hearts to harvest thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables each year, so help us make it happen! There are many ways to get involved in Concrete Jungle: consider signing up for a farm day or fruit pick. Become a member by making a monthly donation. Adopt a fruit tree or deliver produce after a pick. Organize a pick or farm day for your community or corporate group. Like us on Facebook. Switch your Amazon account to Amazon Smile to benefit Concrete Jungle. Create a crazy, new fruit spotting device. No matter how you get involved, thank you for being a part of Concrete Jungle.


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Support us on Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a free program where Amazon will donate to Concrete Jungle based on how much you purchase at Amazon. It adds no additional cost to your Amazon purchases, but the key point is that you must make your purchases through (instead of just If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, we’d love it if you designated Concrete Jungle as your beneficiary organization. It’s an easy source of money for us and comes at no cost to you. Head to to sign-up.

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers are the hands and feet of Concrete Jungle! And there are many different roles you can take on as a Concrete Jungle volunteer:

  • Sign up for a group volunteer event: join us at our farm every other Saturday throughout the year. Or find us in the trees picking fruit May-November.
  • Volunteer on your own time by scouting for new trees, helping deliver produce or through our Adopt a Tree program.
  • Take on a leadership role–on picks and at farm days or help with more of the organizational support, either on our Board or a committee.

You can always sign up for volunteer opportunities on our Events Calendar or fill out the form below to sign up for our weekly newsletter and get more detailed information on how to get plugged in.

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