Food Map

The food map is an ongoing project to document food sources in the Atlanta area. It is very incomplete and constantly changing, so if you know about a great fruit tree or other food source that you think should be on the map, please add it to the map! Just click on the marker icon on the map — you can drag it to where your tree is located and fill out any information you have about the tree. Private trees will go directly to our private database for planning pickings, but will not be made available for viewing on the website. Public trees will appear on the map for all to view.

When consulting this map, please take in to account the following points, as we are trying to walk a very fine line with making it available:

  • Don’t trespass. We want only to keep good food from going to waste. Things listed on this map aren’t always on public property, so please obtain permission from the property owner to get the food – Concrete Jungle came in to existence from discovering that many people had no interest in food growing on their property. If you ask, you’ll probably do pretty well.
  • All efforts will be taken to keep residential food off of this map. We think residences deserve a greater level of privacy, and people are much more accustomed to strangers walking around on commercial property than residential property, regardless of intention. Please use your head and be considerate.
  • Concrete Jungle makes no guarantee of food availability or safety. Public fruit trees are ultimately a resource that is outside of our control. That being said, most of the items on this map are trees that we’ve picked from for many years. Again, please use your head and enjoy.
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