COVID-19 Response

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the need for food among the elderly and vulnerable is higher than ever. 

Because of the threat of quarantine, grocery store shelves are often going empty which means there’s less excess for food pantries. The threat of quarantine is also facing food pantry clients who are looking for extra food as well.  Some of our partners are even facing closing if they can not get substantial food to support their clients. 

Concrete Jungle has started a grocery delivery service for food pantry clients who are quarantined or who have higher health risks.  Each day we get more calls from clients who need to stay home in order to stay safe.  We’re having a hard time meeting the volume of calls we’re receiving because of the limited supply of our food pantry partners. Can you help us provide food to our neighbors in need who are quarantined?

We’re looking for volunteers to team up with a family to provide groceries for one or more weeks.  This means you would purchase groceries and deliver to the family’s house, with no contact to protect you and the recipients. Fill out this form and be sure to mark at the bottom that you would like to team up with a family.

You can also contribute financially to help us purchase food for grocery deliveries.  Please make a donation here.