2009 Donation Statistics

1827.3 pounds picked from 236 unique sources:
715.6 pounds donated from 29 unique sources:
"Everything else" being composed of...

Why is so much more fruit picked than donated? The answer is apples, basically. They make up such a large portion of our picked fruit, and it is often the case that even apples still on the branch will be unfit for donation (let alone apples picked off the ground). As you can see, however, we are still able to donate a significant amount of what we pick.

And unlike figs and mulberries which are discarded on the spot if they are past their prime, apples with bad spots still contain a large amount of good fruit, so they are still picked and included in our net weight count. After these apples been pared, cleaned and frozen, they are used for making cider at Ciderfest.

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